25 Top and most selling car in India 2021

There is no doubt that December has taken everyone by surprise. Tata Motors has replaced Honda, the country’s second-largest automobile company, over the years. I had hoped many of you that Tata Motors can replace Honda in the coming time, but no one thought that something like this would happen so soon in the last month of 2021.
Now it remains to be seen whether this has happened due to the lack of semiconductor chips or whether it has grown enough in Tata Motors that it can leave Hyundai behind. At this time, let me tell you which are the twenty-five best-selling vehicles inside the whole of India in December.

Best-selling twenty-five cars in india

25 Number Position Honda Amaze

Honda’s Amaze is in the position, due to which the Sikh organization has sold 3659 units, people know the market of the sedan well, Yogi is almost over, this car is such a rot that even today people are very fond of it. Purchase.
One of which is Amaze, but even then, Amaze is not commonly seen in 25 but in December, the Fifth Base Alankar Amaze of the Front tells you about it.
Global NCAP has still not mentioned this vehicle but if we go to Africa on the saver car, then the four Alto in Amaze scored from Pakistan.

Honda Amaze is a Batter car
Honda Amaze

24 Number Position Tata Tiago

Tata’s Tiago has come on position, which has sold 3675-unit, in India although usually every month, 6 to 7 thousand rates of Tiago were sold with great love, for the last two months the sales of this vehicle have down. This vehicle also escorted the full detail at the Global NCAP, he moves ahead and is in the third position.

23 Number Position Honda City

Another sedan of Honda City, during which seven 3743 units have been sold, whatever may be in the whole of India, but people are slowly starting to understand.
The difference between a good car and a rubbish vehicle is the correct definition of value for money. It can also be seen here that at one time when Honda City used to be the king of its segment, it was replaced by Maruti Ciaz.
But now the Ciaz is no more and Honda City has become the king of its segment back. It is expected that by the end of this year a hybrid variant of Honda City will also be launched in India. If it comes to India, then Honda City will be the best. Petrol will become a vehicle giving more mileage, after which its sales will just double.

22 Number Position Mahindra XUV 700

On the position is Mahindra’s XUV 700, which has sold 3980 units across India. Now people know very well how high the booking number of this vehicle is but what I thought climber is just as much as Mahindra delivered blocks of XUV to their customers in December.
If there was no shortage of semiconductor chips, then people from an XUV would come in the list of the top ten every month.

21 Number Position Toyota Innova Crista

On the position is Toyota’s Innova Crista, which has sold 3989 units, in December across India, there has been a lot of improvement in the sales of Innova for the last two to three months. Although in December, it still sold less. About 6 thousand units are sold every month.

Toyota's Innova Crista
Toyota Innova Crista

20 Number Position Kia Motors Slots

On position is Kia Motors’ slots, whose value has sold 4012 units, all over India, you will also remember very well that there was a time when the right dosage alone used to sell 15 to 16 thousand units every month.
Its name was sure to appear in the list of top ten, but now you see this is the best-selling car, no changes have been made in this vehicle for a long time. Its facelift is also being seen testing in the international market but when will it come to India is huge exploitation in itself.

19 Number Position Maruti XL6

On position is Maruti’s XL6, whose photos have nit 4 thousand 90 units. This vehicle is the only sporty version of Erotica across India. Erotica scored an average of Priya Five Star in the Global NCAP Crash Test and the same rating. The top of this vehicle is also on its A3 position only.

Mahindra's XUV 300, which has sold 4260 units
Mahindra XUV300

18 Number Position Mahindra XUV 300

Positions are Mahindra’s XUV 300, which has sold 4260 units, XUV 300 was the only Indian Sea-based SUV before the pan-India launch. This vehicle has also scored five stars but now it looks like the people of Mahindra do not have a mind of their own.
After selling the car one after the other, gradually reducing its features, it is quietly in the seven-ten position.

17 Number Position Tata Altroz

On position is Tata Motors’ hatchback Altroz, whose Pataudi has sold 5 thousand 9 units, Bhalla Gold Rose India is the only hatchback in India that has scored pilots from Pakistan.
But if we talk about sales, then the F1 team is rightly the best-selling car but not as good sales as one did then. Matt Tiago and Eyebrows are getting more and more diverted towards the customers of both the vehicles after the launch of Punch.
This is the reason why the sales of both these vehicles have come down a bit. Apart from this, let me tell you that soon within a month you will get the automatic transmission in 8. Only in the petrol engine, after which you will get to see some improvement in its sales. In the coming time, you will also get to see CNG and electric versions in it.

16 Number Position Maruti Espesso

On the position is Maruti’s Espresso, which has sold 5150 units. If you have noticed all over India, this happens almost every month. I remember that everyday activities people who have scored five of five stars in Global NCAP have espresso on Just Two.
One who has scored zero stars in the Global NCAP, despite having all the safety features, may or may not be confident but espresso every day and activity every month doesn’t hold back from having fun.

15 Number Position Mahindra Bolero

On the position is Mahindra’s Bolero, whose shooting has sold 5314 units. In December, sales of the vehicle were decreasing every month across India. This month it has been sold again.
Till last month, her name used to be in the list of top trend diva continuously while her new generation is going to come this year, but now she is probably out of the box.

14 Number Position Maruti Celerio

On position the recently launched Maruti Celerio, which has 5656 units, all over India I do not know why this is happening but I will give a lot of shocks. Seeing the sales of this vehicle, one is Maruti’s car and secondly, there is no petrol vehicle giving the same mileage as the best Celerio in terms of mileage.
Even after that why its sales are falling so low. If we look at the history so far, then this vehicle should have been in the list of top three and on the porridge or teen position. After this, it is in a slightly deemed position.

13 Number Position Honda Grand i10

On position, Honda ki hatchback Grand i10 with six thousand power sold 6151 units all over India This vehicle also billed for Global NCAP made to Alto expansion had doubted.

12 Number Position Honda Creta

On the position is Honda’s Creta, which has sold 7609 units in December all over India, you know the Creta very well and has been the constant king of its segment, but for some reason or the other whether it is semiconductor chip Even if there was a shortage, it could not be sold that much.
If the news of the person has fallen on the position, then by the end of this year or by the beginning of next year, you can see the facelift of this vehicle in the Indian market, after which another step will be taken in its sales.

11 Number Position Tata Punch

Come to the position, the punch of the recently launched Tata, which has a net sales of 8008 units. In December, this vehicle is good in almost every respect across India but one major drawback is the overpriced prices of the Voice. In the month when this vehicle was launched, its sales were very strong, the butterfly means almost the same number of V8 or 8 and a half thousand units. But the very next month its sales had come down straight.
With five and a half thousand units of Betwa, we felt that we should give a five-over price, in which either people are not giving it as much response as anyone should have. But in December, the paws have come back, let’s see if this upgrade continues throughout 2022 or not.
By the way, you know but let me tell you that at present, India’s safe-based SUV is the highest-scoring vehicle.

10 Number Position Maruti Eeco

On position is Maruti’s Eeco, which has 9165 units sold across India. As such, no one has been buying this car, but still, it remains 10 position knuckles.

9 Number Position Maruti Vitara Bizza

On position is the Maruti Vitara Bizza, which has sold 9531 across India. The Maruti Vitara Bizza is going to appear in the new version in the Indian market. Maruti gives the company what it does next.

8 Number Position Hyundai Venus

On position is the Hyundai’s Venus which has sold 10360 across India. Hyundai’s Venus started giving a lot of roads these days. The design of this car is liked by every man.

Hyundai Venus
Hyundai Venus

7 Number Position Maruti Dzire

On position is the Maruti’s Dzire which has sold 10633 across India. Maruti’s only car which is the best-selling car in the world

6 Number Position Maruti Alto

On position is the Maruti’s Alto which has sold 11170 across India. Maruti Alto’s new variants are going to be available in the market soon and there will be a lot of changes in it.

5 Number Position Maruti Ertiga

On position is Maruti’s Ertiga which has sold 11840 across India. In this way, Maruti’s Ertiga and Maruti’s XL6 have been sold in the market.

4 Number Position Tata Nexon

On position is Tata’s Nexon which has sold 12899 across India. Tata’s Nexon I am a far cry from the Tata company which would not have thought so much that their car will be so soon 13 thousand sales in 1 month.

3 Number Position Maruti Belono

On position is the Maruti’s Belono which has sold 14458 across India. Maruti’s Belono is going to bring quite a few modifications to the market very soon and is going to launch this car in February or March

2 Number Position Maruti Swift

On position is the Maruti’s Swift which has sold 15661 across India. This is the only car that had so many safety features in the global NCB crust test and got a rating of three.

1. Number Position Maruti Wagoner

On position is the Maruti’s wagoner which has sold 19728 across India. Maruti’s wagon is the best-selling car in India.

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