A guide to domain registration details form GoDaddy.com

Are you thinking of doing business online? If you are positive about that, you first need a home for your site on the Internet, which is why you need to register a domain name.

A domain name provides an Internet address for your website.

Under the Domain Name System DNS, domain names are made up of four elements – a server prefix, a domain name, a domain suffix or extension, and a country code (alphabetical).

For example, www.XYZ.com is an example of a domain name where ‘www’ is the prefix of a server, ‘XYZ’ is the domain name and ‘less’ is the domain suffix.

‘.com’ is a top-level domain extension. There are ethnical top-level domains, GTLDs, and country-code top-level domains, CCTLDs.

Register a domain name on your own. Many ‘Internet Service Providers’, ISPs, and web hosts offer free or paid domain services that make a domain name their only extension.

When registering your own domain name, make sure the extension’s name should be viewed as a professional.

You must always change the ISP or web host, including an extension domain name.

Many may not realize this but it is a fact that names on the internet are really important.

Choose a domain name that identifies the business and it should also be easy to remember; So many people type a name or partial name into the search engines to find the site they’re looking for.

Most of the best or obvious domain names are already registered by people.

You should also consider those factors when choosing a domain name for an online business and how to register a domain name.

Whether registering a generic top-level domain name or a country code top-level domain, things mostly depend on the market for the product or service.

For example, if you are selling your product or service in the United States, you can use the country code top-level domain, US domain.

If you are marketing a product or service worldwide, you can register an online business as .com or .biz

Refer to the instructions below for registering domain names.

1. First, click on the GoDaddy.com link and go to the GoDaddy home page.

2. Click Sing in Ye in the upper corner and click Create an Account.

3. Here, fill in your email, username, password and click on Create Account.

4. This time log in after creating an account.

How to register a domain name?

1. In the search bar, type your domain name to verify that you have the Dominatables eligible.

2. If available, click Continue to cart.

3. We’ve added privacy. Here’s why. Here you click No Thanks.

4. Create an email address that matches your domain. You can also click No Thanks.

5. You can click on the Linux Web Hosting option if you want to get a hands-on payment.

6. After filling in all of these, click on Continue to cart and go to the next page.

7. This time here you will have to fill in the information to make a payment. Decide how you want to make a payment. Net banking, debit card, wallet, UPI Choose whatever you like and make payment.

8. After making the payment, click Complete Processed.

Your domain is registered. You can check out your domain by clicking on My Product.

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