About Us


I am Moinul Haque. I am 28 years old. I may not have studied much, I just passed H.S. I own the zeetale site and this is not my first blog. I have been working in blogging for 4 years.

The reason I created the website is because not all the information is available on the internet. I hope to help people with this site.
With this site you can do the job very easily. Our articles are meant to be very simple. We reach about 10000 unique visitors every month.

However, after a while I realized that a large portion of my audience did not like the tips sites and my referrals were not reviews like mine.

I am really proud of that zeetale. It has come a long way and I believe it will really help you achieve your goals.

    I give practical insights from the user’s perspective. When he wins, he drives a lot.

For us, the best evidence of some of the outstanding enthusiasm of our platform is that we use it ourselves to grow our own business.