Administration of Cachar District About Silchar.

Cachar:- Cachar is one of the 33 districts of Assam. Cachar district consists of two subdivisions – Silchar and Lakhipur. The next level consists of 5 (five) revenue circles – Silchar, Laxmipur, Sonai, Udharband, and Katigorah. The total area is 3786 square meters and the population is 1736319. From the development angle, the district is divided into 15 community development blocks. Below the block level set up, there are 163-gram panchayat with an average of about ten villages each and are run by local self-help groups. From the angle of police administration, the district area is divided into eight (eight) police stations – Silchar, Laxmipur, Katigorah, Sonai, Borkhola, Udharband, Jirighat and Dholai.

Cachar is one of the 33 districts of Assam

Administrative Set-up in Cachar District

1. Silchar Sub-division
2. Lakhipur Sub-division

Revenue Circle

1. Silchar Circle
2. Udharbond Circle
3.Katigorah Circle
4.Lakhipur Circle

8 nos. Police Station:-

1. Silchar
2. Lakhipur
3. Katigorah
4. Sonai
5. Bokhola
6. Udharbond
7. Jirighat
8. Dholai.
15 Nos C.D. Block:-
1. Sonai Dev. Block
2. Narsingpur Dev. Block
3. Rajabazar Dev. Block
4. Silchar Dev. Block
5. Udharbond Dev. Block
6. Salchapra Dev. Block
7. Lakhipur Dev. Block
8. Borkhola Dev. Block
9. Katigorah Dev. Block
10. Binnakandi Dev. Block
11. Banskandi Dev. Block
12. Palonghat Dev. Block
13. Borjalenga Dev. Block
14. Tapang Dev. Block
15. Kalain Dev. Block.
Revenue Circle & Revenue villages
1. Silchar Circle 232 villages
2. Udharbond Circle 83 villages
3. Katigorah Circle 147 villages
4. Lakhipur Circle 151 villages
5. Sonai 203 villages

Cachar is one of the 33 districts of Assam

Other Officers of different Dept. working in the Dy. Commissioner’s Office, Silchar
1. Sub-divisional Planning Officer (Panchayat & Rural Dev. Deptt)
2. Sr. Planning Officer (Planning and Dev. Deptt)
3. Asst. Planning officer (Planning and Dev.Deptt)
4. Deputy Director, Food& Civil Supplies
5. Superintendent of Excise under Excise Deptt.
6. DIO, National Informatics Centre

Other Officers working in the District
1. Project Director (DRDA)
2. Settlement Officer
3. Addl.Chief Engineer (ASEB)
4. Superintendent Engineer (ASEB)
5. Executive Engineer (ASEB)
6. Chief Electrical Inspector
7. Addl. Chief Engineer, Flood Control
8. Superintending Engineer, Flood Control
9. Executive Engineer, Flood Control
10. Superintending Engineer (PWD)
11. Executive Engineer, (PWD)
12. Superintending Engineer (Building)
13. Executive Engineer (Building)
14. Executive Engineer (PWD) (ARIASP)
15. Executive Engineer, NEC Division
16. Superintending Engineer, Irrigation
17. Executive Engineer, Irrigation
18. Executive Engineer, Irrigation (Mech.)
19. District Agricultural Officer
20. Executive Engineer, Agriculture
21. Superintending Engineer, PHE
22. Executive Engineer, PHE Division-I
23. Executive Engineer, PHE Division-II
24. Inspector of Schools, CDC
25. District Elementary Education Officer
26. District Adult Education Officer
27. Deputy Inspector of Schools
28. District Sports Officer
29. District Librarian
30. Sub-Divisional Welfare Officer
31. Project Director, ITDP
32. District Social Welfare Officer
33. Programme Officer, ICDS Cell
34. Divisional Forest Officer (Social Forestry)
35. Divisional Forest Officer
36. Joint Director, Health Services
37. Addl. Chief Medical & Health Officer
38. District Malaria Officer
39. Lead District Manager
40. Research Officer, Field Evaluation
41. General Manager, Dist. Industries & Commerce Centre
42. Deputy Director, Town & Country Planning
43. District Animal Husbandary & Veterinary Officer
44. Asstt. Director Sericulture
45. Asstt. Director, Handloom & Textile
46. Deputy Director, Dairy Zone
47. Officer-in-charge, ICDP
48. Divisional Officer, S/C Dev. Corporation
49. Asstt. Director, Dairy Dev. (TMSS)
50. Executive Engineer, IWT
51. District Information & Public Relation Officer
52. Tourist Information Officer
53. District Transport Officer
54. District Fishery Development Officer
55. Divisional Officer, Soil Conservation
56. Youth Co-ordinator, Nehru Yuva Kendra
57. Deputy Registrar of Co-operative Societies
58. Branch Manager, Plains Tribal Development Corporation

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