Baksa District: Administration and Profile BTAD

The Baksa district was engraved in parts of Nalbari, Barpeta, Kamrup and Darang districts. The historic BTC (Bodoland Territorial Council) formed the BTAD with four districts namely Kokrajhar, Chirang, Baksa and Udalguri as a result of the agreement signed on 10 February 2003. The name “Bagsa” is derived from the Bhutanese language. According to Bhutanese sources, they identified the area as “Bagsa Gate”. “Bagsa” means a kind of rice and “Duar” means entrance. So perhaps the name “Bagsa” or “Baxa” may be the source of Bhutan. The name Baxa itself is derived from various sources and predecessors so there is a lot of controversy over this name. However, no specimen has yet been found that could determine the final source.

Baxa district is a district in the Indian state of Assam. The total area of the box is 2458 km – urban area is 2451.14 km and rural area is 5.86 km. The district has a total population of 9,53,773 and a total of 1,99,701 houses. For administrative purposes, Baxa district has been further divided into Tehsils / Blocks / Community Development Blocks. Official Website:

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Places of Tourist Interest

Baksa district has enough potential for tourism development. After creation of the district, the world famous Manas National Park is now fall under Baksa district. The main places of tourist interest in the district are as follows:-

Manas National Park

Manas Soushi Khongkhor

Moina Pukhuri


Name of Sub-Divisions

  • Mushalpur (Sadar)
  • Tamulpur(Civil)
  • Salbari(Civil)

Circle/charge wise population and household breakup

Circle/charge Household Population
Barnagar(pt) circle 28275 139149
Bajali(pt) circle 648 2994
Sarupeta(pt) circle 11332 55011
Jalah(pt) circle 17125 81979
Goreswar(pt) circle  30439 153747
Rangia(pt) circle 2704 14357
Barama(pt) circle 10238 49715
Tihu(pt) circle 3690 17508
Ghagrapar(pt) circle 738 3652
Baska circle 25444 124585
Baganpara(pt) circle 13782 69741
Tamulpur circle  46802  235403
Patharighat(pt) circle  484 2234


Name of Revenue Circles

  • Baska Rev. Circle, Add: Mushalpur
  • Baganpara Rev. Circle, Add: Baganpara
  • Barama Rev. Circle, Add: Barama
  • Jalah Rev. Circle, Add: Jalahghat
  • Tamulpur Rev. Circle, Add: Tamulpur
  • Goreswar Rev. Circle, Add: Goreswar

Name of Dev. Blocks

  • Baska Dev. Block, Add: Mushalpur
  • Tihu-Barama Dev. Block, Add: Barama
  • Dhamdhama Dev. Block, Add: Baganpara
  • Jalah Dev. Block, Add: Jalahghat
  • Tamulpur Dev. Block, Add: Tamulpur
  • Goreswar Dev. Block, Add: Goreswar
  • Nagrijuli Dev. Block, Add: Nagrijuli
  • Gobardhana Dev. Block, Add: Barpeta Rd.

Name of Police Stations

  1. Mushalpur PS, Add: Mushalpur (under Mushalpur Subdivision)
  2. Barbari PS, Add: Barbari (under Mushalpur Subdivision)
  3. Barama PS, Add: Barama, NH 31 (under Mushalpur Subdivision)
  4. Tamulpur PS, Add: Tamulpur (under Tamulpur Subdivision)
  5. Goreswar PS, Add: Goreswar (under Tamulpur Subdivision)
  6. Salbari PS, Add: Salbari (under Salbari Subdivision)
  7. Simla PS, Add: Simla (under Salbari Subdivision)
  8. Gobardhana PS, Add: Gobardhana (under Salbari Subdivision)

Revenue Circle wish Villages

  1. Revenue Circle Name of Villages
    Goreswar Rev. Circle 96
    Tamulpur Rev. Circle 188
    Baganpara Rev. Circle 46
    Baska Rev. Circle 85
    Barama Rev. Circle 47
    Jalah Rev. Circle 225
    Total 687

Name of LAC(major part)

62-Barama (ST)

Total Patrol Posts

Kaurbaha PP, (under Tamulpur PS)
Labdangguri PP (under Gobardhana PS)
Bansbari PP (under Gobardhana PS)
Simlaguri PP (under Gobardhana PS)
Jalah PP (under Simla PS)

Name of BTC Constituencies

  • 20- Mathanguri (open)
  • 21- Salbari (ST)
  • 22- Koklabari (ST)
  • 23- Dihira (open)
  • 24- Musalpur (ST)
  • 25- Baganpara (ST)
  • 26- Darrangajuli (ST)
  • 27- Nagrijuli (non ST)
  • 28- Goibari (ST)
  • 29- Suklai Serfang (ST)
  • 30- Goreswar (ST)
Name of Tea Gardens

Doomni TE, Under Baska Rev. Circle.
Nagrijuli TE, Under Tamulpur Rev. Circle.
Menaka TE, Under Tamulpur Rev. Circle.
Fatemabad TE, Under Barnagar Rev. Circle.

Officers in the DC Office

Shri Ranjan Sarma, ACS (DR-1992)
Deputy Commissioner, Baksa
Shri Sadhan Sarkar, ACS (DR-1993)
Addl. Deputy Commissioner, Baksa
Shri Dilip Kumar Bothra, ACS (DR-99)
Addl. Deputy Commissioner, Baksa
Shri Rahul Phukan, ACS (DR-2016)
Assistant Commissioner & ic Election Officer, Baksa
Smti Snigdha Mitherpangsa, ACS (DR-2017)
Assistant Commissioner, Baksa

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