Charaideo District Administration: District Profile

The first permanent capital of the Ahom kingdom was founded by the first highly respected Ahom king, Chao Lung Siu-ka-fa, and has always held a prominent place in the history of Charaideo. The word charaideo also comes from the three-tihed Ahom word che-rai-doi. Che means city or town, rye means shine or flashing and doi means hill or mountain. In short, charadio means, “a shiny city located on the top of a hill”.
Curved from Shivsagar district, it was made officially. Notification No. GAG (B) 27/01/2016 with the District Headquarters at Sonari. The district is also located in the eastern part of Shivsagar district.
It is bounded on the northeast by Digrugarh district, on the south by Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh, on the west by Shivsagar Sadar sub-division and on the west by Nazira sub-division of Shivsagar district. The district shares a 35 km border with Nagaland and a 27 km border with Arunachal Pradesh. The main rivers flowing through the district are Desang, Tookak, Safri, Timon and Teok.
The housewife located in Charadio has developed the district as an attractive tourist destination. Compared to the Egyptian pyramids, the housewives are actually the tombs of the Ahom Kings and Queens. They can be seen through the brilliant architecture and craftsmanship of medieval artists and masons of Assam The wonder district is proud of its ancient ruins and ruins which further enhances its crown glory.

Charaideo District Administration:

Name of Revenue Circle 3 Nos.
  1. Sonari
  2. Sapekhati
  3. Mahmora
  4. Nazira (part)
No. of Development Blocks 4 Nos.
  1. Abhoypur (Sonari) 
  2. Mahmora
  3. Sapekhati
  4. Lakwa
Name of LAC 2 Nos.

1. Mahmora-105   

2. Sonari-106

Name of Police Station 9 Nos
  1. Mathurapur 
  2. Sonari 
  3. Sapekhati 
  4. Borhat 
  5. Charaipung 
  6. Namtola 
  7. Moranhat 
  8. Lakuwa
  9. Kakotibari
Fire Service Station
  1. Sonari 
  2. Borhat
Educational Profile:
  1. Sonari Commerce College
  2. Borhat B.P.B.M College
  3. Moran College
  4. Moran Mahila Mahavidyalaya
  5. Sapekhati College
  6. Sonari College
Health Institution/Hospital
  1. Civil Hospital 01 No.
  2. Block PHC 02 Nos.
  3. Mini PHC 17 Nos.
  4. Model Hospital 02 Nos.
  5. State Dispensary 01 No.
  6. Urban Health Centre 01 No.
  7. Sub Centre 71 Nos.

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