How Many Backlinks do I Need Before I Will Rank?

A common question I have myself and I see asked is How Many Backlinks Do I Need? People have this thought in their heads that if they have more backlinks than their competitor, then they will rank above them in search engines. However, since Google has been updating their search algorithm, people have found that TOO many backlinks can actually be a bad thing unless they are all of the high quality. The short answer to the question of “How many backlinks should I get so I can rank high” is actually hard to answer. So I am going to break down for you the most important things to keep in mind when developing backlinks.

1. Rule for Backlinks and Rankings: Quality over Quantity

Look for NATURAL methods of developing links overusing a software every day of the week. If you are using software, then chances are that hundreds of others are using that same software regularly and Google catches on to things like that sooner rather than later. NEVER look for a quick fix SEO backlink service because you will probably end up being penalized in the end. All links should be developed naturally over time, and I am going to give you a great method to rank without having to worry about future Google updates.

Finding Authority Backlinks
  • Blog Commenting

This is my favorite method for generating backlinks. What I do is a comment on 10 blogs with CommentLuv enabled every time I post a new article on my blog. That way, I can get links directly to my homepage and to my fresh article, which will help my blog and the article rank higher in Google. Plus, CommentLuv blogs are super easy to find! Check out this blog post for more information on finding blogs to comment on.

You can also find .edu blogs to comment on by typing this into Google search: in URL: blog “post a comment” -” you must be logged in”

  • Guest Blogging

Remember the quality over quantity here as I describe Guest Blogging. First, realize that a link when you are guest blogging looks about as natural as it gets. This is not an article directory you are submitting to but instead a blog that might only feature a new author once a week. Also, there is an added bonus of receiving traffic with the article you just guest blogged.

The best way to submit Guest Blogs is to write articles ahead of time and then offer them to website owners. Use your own blog as a portfolio and try to keep track of all the blogs you submit to. Over time, you can learn the blogs that gave you the best traffic from your article and keep submitting to them.

I will go down on record GUARANTEEING (a word I do not use often) that if you submit 20-30 guest articles to blogs that receive traffic, then your rankings, traffic, and ultimately profits will feel the effects.

  • Forums

There are so many forums that will offer you a profile link, signature link, and you can even get your link out there on a thread in some forums. The goal here is to find a couple of forums in your niche and post them every so often. You can definitely get a profile link and signature link at most of the high traffic niche forums. Then, you can ask for some assistance on your website and post a link right in the thread. This will give you a strong backlink from an authority website.

  • Social Media Websites

Okay, I get that a lot of these are no-follow, but if you are not posting your updated articles to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest then you are just missing out on a free link. You can also submit to Digg, Reddit, Delicious, and StumbleUpon for the link and some added traffic. Lastly, you can create a quick presentation on SlideShare, link to your article, and then create a quick YouTube video with the presentation and talk over it.

There are SO many different ways to post your article on social websites. The main thing you need to focus on is creating a ‘following’ of fans and subscribers. Try to get natural followers over time by engaging with them through social media. Then, just update your blog, post informative Tweets, and Retweet others in the same niche as you.

  • Web 2.0 Profiles

You can go to the following websites, sign-up, and create a backlink right now. Just sign-up for your own profile and personalize it as your own. Each has a unique way to add your link but just go to your account/profile page and find the right space for it.

LinkedIn, Flickr, Twibs, ZoomInfo,,,,,,, and

I would not get too caught up on the Web 2.0 profile and their backlinks. They are not completely natural but it does not hurt to have some authority websites linking to you.

How Many Back Links for Rankings – In Conclusion

The main thing I want you to take away from this article is to focus on natural links. Do not go to and be reeled in because someone says they are giving you 1,000 links for $5. They will all likely be of low quality and have no effect on your rankings. Some Fiverr gigs might destroy the rankings of your website altogether.

Be safe, and focus on manually building backlinks. You might need to spend an hour on this every day but your efforts will certainly pay off. I have given you a quick daily plan to get around 20 incoming links to your website every day.

1. Submit 10 blog comments. Find other blogs using CommentLuv.
2. Submit your latest blog post to your social media profiles and some of the top social bookmarking services.
3. Write a 500-word article and contact other blogs in your niche for guest blogging opportunities.
4. Create 3 different web 2.0 profiles every day.
5. Use the following queries and fill in your niche accordingly. Then, just add your website!

“Keyword phrase” + “add URL”

“Keyword phrase” + “add site”

“Keyword phrase” + “add website”

How Many Back Links do I Need Before I Rank High?

I think I have answered this question adequately. There is no number but instead it should be a strong effort on your end everyday. Just do blog commenting and guest blogging and you will find hundreds of link opportunities.

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