How to get more traffic to your website?

How to get more traffic to your website?

A question many new marketers ask is “How Can I Drive More Traffic to My Website?”

Traffic is one of your main goals as an internet marketer. If you can get consistent traffic to your website, then you will have no problems making money. Traffic is basically the number of visitors you are able to get to your website directly, through search engines, by advertising, or from other websites. All of this traffic will at one point or another see your advertisements and hopefully the affiliate product or service you are promoting.

A lot of time is spent by every successful internet marketer to drive traffic because it means long-term profits. If that traffic stops, it could hurt profits tremendously depending on how much traffic you were able to generate on a daily basis.

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10 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

  1. Video Marketing:

This involves going on YouTube and other popular video sharing websites and submitting a video. This would be a video related to your blog or niche that targets a long-tail keyword. You would also link back to your website after making your video to get traffic.

2. Social Media Marketing

This takes time and effort, but involves you getting followers and likes on websites like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Over time, if you build a large fan base then you have a source of traffic and profits.

3. Paid Advertising

This is costly but can help you get your feet off the ground. If you are going to go for paid advertising I recommend trying to capture visitors on your email list. If you spend $100 and get 75 subscribers it is better than making one or two sales. These subscribers can be customers for life.

4. Solo Ads

Solo ads are email list ads that you can pay per click. For example, you might spend around $35 for 100 targeted clicks to your offer (typically a squeeze page offering a free report). Then, if you have a good squeeze page, you will be able to convert at around 50% by the time all is said and done. That means for $35 you have created 50 new customers that you need to engage and hopefully keep for life.

5. Search Engine Optimization

Even though the rules change, dominating search engines is the key to success. If you can rank for certain keywords then you can get thousands of visitors per day. This takes time and effort but is always worth it in the end. You can also pay for a quality SEO service 2-4 times a month to target certain keywords.

6. Guest Blogging

Seek out other bloggers in your niche and see if you can write an article for them. Usually, you will get two to three links back to your website and they will help for both SEO and traffic. If you learn nothing else from this article, remember that guest blogging is the best new form of article and content marketing and should be utilized for traffic and SEO purposes.

7. Presentation and File Sharing

There are websites like SlideShare, Scribd, Slide book, and Free-Ebooks that allow you to submit documents or PowerPoints and link back to your website. You could create one PowerPoint and submit it to 10 different document sharing websites. For certain niches, particularly ones that have to do with business, finance, marketing, analytics, logistics, or business strategy, document sharing works wonders in generating targeted leads.

8. Forum Marketing

Are you active on the largest forums related to your niche? Do you even know the largest forums related to your niche? What I recommend doing is joining one or two large forums that are targeted towards your blog. Then, focus on leaving about 50-100 posts per month at a minimum with your website in the signature. If you write informative posts on the forum then people are more likely to click the link in your signature.

9. Paid Advertising

Have you ever seen how much success you can have on a website like Yahoo! Answers when you start answering questions within your niche? I once answered 50 questions in a day in the SEO section and I was able to get around 100 new subscribers over the next several days. All you have to do is leave informative answers and then link to your squeeze page in the source. As long as your squeeze page is related, it is easy to convert people into subscribers because they always want more information for free!

10.Article Marketing:

This involves writing an article and submitting it to high ranking article websites. You can either do this or write an article for your website, spin it several times, and submit each spun version to article and ezine directories. At the end of each article, you should link back to your website or a squeeze page to get visitors.

So now that you know what traffic is and the best ways to drive it, what are you waiting for? Just continue to build content for your website, optimize it for search engines, and submit it around to websites that can get you, visitors. YouTube and Slideshare are two great article promotion methods offline. If you always promote your articles then you can continuously drive more traffic.

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