Nagaon district administration with biography and more.

Nagaon district was under Burmese rule until 1826. Nagaon was engraved as a separate administrative district in 1832 after the ratification of the Yandabu Treaty. The British at long last turned into the area base camp in 1839. Naogaon was renamed after the district headquarters and gradually it became a prosperous city.

It became a municipality in 1893. The eastern, western, and southern edges of the recently coordinated region were once managed by different little medieval masters or their representatives.

A wide and ill-equipped plain Bubi converges huge and little slopes and streams the topography of the parts figures out who their master ought to be.

The leftover impacts of the Bhuiyan rule were inventively utilized and remade by Momai Tamuli Barbaroyah, a courageous official of the Ahom lord Pratap Singh, in the main portion of the seventeenth century.

This region, up to that point, was more key than authoritative concern. It was a recently coordinated town framework – consequently the name “Nagaon”, which means new.

Go to Nagaon?

Nagaon is a central district of Assam, situated between the north-south and east longitudes of the Brahmaputra River. It is limited on the north by Sonitpur and Brahmaputra, on the south by West Karbi Anglong, Hojai, and Dima Hasao, on the east-by-East Karbi Anglong, and Golaghat, and on the west by Morigaon.

Wealthy in culture, otherworldliness, nature, and untamed life Birthplace of Srimanta Sankardeva (Bardowa) Mataji Gurudwara (Chaparmukh) Baptist Church (Nagaon) Barmasjid (Jayantipur) Kaziranga National Park (Burhapar and Bagori) Laokhoa Wildlife Dance Field (Kaziranga Tiger Conservation Buffer) Natural Falls (Chapanala) Assamese Traditional Jewelry (Ranthali) Illustrated Manuscript (Bali Session)

How to reach Nagaon

There is excellent accessibility of transports from Guwahati, Jorhat, and Tezpur to Nagaon, times are adaptable. There are numerous public and private transports employing among Guwahati and Nagaon. The district has an average travel time of about 120 km from Guwahati in 2 hours. Nagaon is around 190 km from Jorhat and 75 km from Tezpur.

Via Train: Several trains are running among Guwahati and Nagaon. It takes around 2 to 3 hours to show up at Nagaon by train from Guwahati. Chaparmukh is the fundamental railroad intersection found 30 km from Nagaon close to Raha. There are two railway stations at Nagaon and Hybergaon in the district headquarters.

Via Air: The closest air terminal is Salonibari Airport, 80 km away from Tezpur in Sonitpur District. Lokpriya Gopinath Bordeaux International Airport, Guwahati (130 km) has a decent flight association with all significant objections the nation over.

Natural tourism

Kaziranga National Park and a significant portion of the Tiger Reserve is located in Nagaon Kaziranga, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to two-thirds of the world’s one-horned rhinoceroses’ population. Kaziranga, the historic Laokhoa Wildlife Sanctuary in Nagaon, is the advertised garden of the Tiger Reserve.

The sanctuary is blessed with beautiful landscapes and many wildlife species, including critically endangered Bengal floricans, including the Asiatic Wild Buffalo, Royal Bengal Tigers, Indian Elephants, Wild Boars, Civets, and more than 300 species of birds. Preserved forests such as Doboka, Suang, North Diju, Kamakhya, Bugs, and Kukurakata provide endless possibilities for nature lovers to explore and travel, and wetlands such as Pokhi Tirtha (Samaguri), Devbali, and Hahila are home to many rare, endemic, and migratory birds. Places like Baduli Khurung, the home of thousands of bats, Blue Water Lake, and natural waterfalls such as Dejuri, Chapanala, and Hadhadi are major tourist attractions for nature lovers.

No. of Sub-Divisions 2 Nos

1. Nagaon

2. Kaliabor

No. of Revenue Circles 7 Nos

1. Nagaon

2. Raha

3. Kampur

4. Dhing

5. Rupahi

6. Samaguri

7. Kaliabor

No. of Revenue Villages 960 nos

No. of Development Blocks 13 nos

1. Khagorijan

2. Pakhimoria

3. Dolonghat

4. Raha

5. Batadraba

6. Juria

7. Ruphihut

8. Bajiagaon

9. Pachim Kaliabor

10. Kaliabor

11. Lowkhowa

12. Barhampur

13. Kathiatoli

No. of Town Committees 2 nos

  1. Raha TC
  2. Kampur TC

No. of Police Stations 15 nos

1. Kaliabor PS

2. Jakhalabandha PS

3. Juria PS

4. Raha PS

5. Batadraba PS

6. Juria PS

7. Kachua PS

8. Bajiagaon

9. Kampur PS

10. Kaliabor PS

11. Khatowal PS

12. Nagaon PS

13. Rupahihat PS

14. Dhing PS

15. Samaguri PS

No. of Gram Panchayats 169 nos

No. of Municipality Board 2 nos

1. Nagaon MB

2. Dhing MB

No. Of Assembly Constituencies 8 nos

1. 82 Raha

2. 83 Dhing

3. 84 Batadraba 

4. 85 Rupahihat

5. 86 Nagaon

6. 87 Barhampur

7. 88 Samaguri

8. 89 Kaliabor

Deputy Commissioner, Nagaon

Name:- Nisarg Hivare,IAS




[email protected]

Superintendent of Police, Nagaon

 Name: Anand Mishra, IPS

 Designation: Supt. of Police

 Department: Nagaon Police


Phone: 6026900895

 Email: [email protected]

District Development Commissioner

 Name: Hemanta Bhuyan,ACS

 Designation: District Development Commissioner

 Department: Office of the Deputy Commissioner

DC Office, Nagaon

Addl. Deputy Commissioner

 Name: Debahuti Bora, ACS

 Designation: Additional Deputy Commissioner

 Department: Office of the Deputy Commissioner

DC Office, Nagaon

Phone: 8474083206 Mobile: 8474083206

CEO, Zilla Parishad, Nagaon

 Name Arup Kr. Sharma

 Designation: Chief Executive Officer, Zilla Parishad & PD, DRDA Nagaon

 Department: Office of the Deputy Commissioner

Office of the Zilla Parisha, Nagaon

Phone: 9435518099

 Email: [email protected]

Election Officer

 Name: Gayatree Sarma,ACS

 Designation: Election Officer & Assistant Commissioner

 Department: District Administration

Election Officer, Nagaon

Phone: 9101766943

 Email: [email protected]

Assistant Commissioner

 Name: Bidyashri Langthasa, ACS

 Designation: Assistant Commissioner

 Department: District Administration

Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Nagaon

Phone: 8486544879

 Email: [email protected]

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