What is PRC? How to apply PRC for online in assam

Permanent Residence Certificates sway be a permanent resident of a village, city or ward. This certificate certifies that a selected person belongs to a selected state.

PRCs are issued for the aim of admission of Indian nationals solely to those instructional establishments wherever such certificates are needed by the academic establishment. once correct examination of the Deputy Commissioners and Sub-Divisional Officers (Civil) such certificates are issued in accordance with the present rules that have a transparent provision that it’ll be applicable solely to specific} necessities of admission therein particular establishment and cannot be valid for the other purpose.

permanent resident certificate

Persons within the following classes’ are eligible for permanent residency certificate.

1. Benefit of PRC

1. PFC should be shown at the time of admission in job reservation.

2. Helps in admission to instructional establishments.

3. The PFC is needed to get the card of the involved state.

4. It takes PFC to pick out elections.

5. PFC is incredibly a lot of required whereas taking advantage of assorted comes within the state.

2. Overall method Flow for the Service:-

PFC (Submission of Application) >> DPS (Check and Forward) >> DA (Forward for verification) >> involved CO forwarded to LM and involved PS for verification >> LM (Verify and report back to CO) >> CO (Verify the verification report) and SP (Verify the report) >> DA (After receiving report forwarded to DPS with recommendation) >> DPS (Either settle for or Reject)

3. Eligibility Criteria for apply:

               1. An individual World Health Organization alongside his folks and forefathers or whose folks and forefathers has/have endlessly resided in state for a minimum amount of fifty years.

               2. An individual World Health Organization has endlessly resided in state for a minimum amount of twenty years.

               3. An individual World Health Organization could be a kid of anyone falling in any of the continuing classes.

4. Forms to be stuffed if any: –   PDF File

  1. Pointers for filling up the shape: – The someone ought to top off the shape in capital letters.

2. Fees (In Rs.):- GOVT. FEE FOR SUBMISSION OF on-line APPLICATION (As per Govt. notification Number: – IT.155/2009/334 DATED twenty fourth Apr 2015) kind below E-DISTRICT PROJECT FOR THE on top of SERVICES AS SHOWN BELOW :-

               a. SERVICE CHARGE= Rs. 30

               b. PRINTING CHARGE = Rs.10.00 per page

               c. SCANNING CHARGE=Rs. 5.00 per page

4. Supporting Documents needed:-

Scan Copy of form

One passport size photograph                   

Records of unmovable property if any, with up up to now land revenue paid slip

Copy of Indian Passport or Certified Copy of independent agency 1951

Certified Copy of the voters list to examine the linkage

Copy of the Asian nation of any member of the family of the someone stating relationship, if any

Copy of the credentials issued by competent authority

Copy of HSLC Certificate / Admit Card

Employment Certificate issued by the leader showing change of integrity in gift place of posting, if any

Documents associated with folks and forefathers having endlessly resided in state for a minimum amount of fifty years or Documents associated with guardian having endlessly residing in state for a minimum amount of twenty years.

6. Necessary Timelines:-

               a. once to submit the appliance :- Between 9:30am to 5.00pm (working days).

               b. Time for process (approximate):- fourteen days.

7. Whom to contact for any queries:-

                                             Name: – Parvez Ahmed

                                             Phone No.:- 8011085686

                                             email id:- [email protected]

11. whether or not the service is offline or on-line :-    The service is below on-line method.             

               a. For Offline :- N/A

               b. For on-line :- assam.gov.in

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