What is SEO Copywriting? Complete SEO Guide.

What is SEO Copywriting?

Copywriting is very important to your Search Engine Optimization plan. It has become vital for all bloggers and content creators to understand the basics of creating a great copy. It basically is strategic writing so you can both write for your audience and convey to Google exactly what your article is about. This article will answer the question “What is SEO Copywriting?“.

3 V.I.P. Google SEO Rules

These are some very important Google questions or rules to ask yourself. When Google is ranking your webpages, these are some of the questions that are considered. You need to help search engines so they know exactly what you are writing and what problems you are trying to solve.

User Interaction: What is the website bounce rate? How many page views does the average visitor have? How long do people stay on this website?

Related Content: Does this content fall under the broad niche of the website? Is it a keyword-targeted to the website niche?

Topic: What exactly is the article about? For what search queries in Google are this article helpful?

Now I am going to go over how you can use copywriting for Search Engine Optimization and solve some of these problems.

3 Copywriting Keys

Writing for User Interaction

This is our first goal because Google and other search engines are taking into account your actual website and how users interact with it. They consider how many people are visiting your website and how many that are viewing more than just 1 webpage. Along with this, the total amount of page views and the average duration in time per visitor are extremely important.

Therefore, you need to write so your visitors feel inclined to both comment and visit other pages. The very first thing is just creating quality articles all over your website. If people see the quality, they will be more motivated to read other blog posts. If the first article they land on does not meet their expectations, then expect them to leave.

I also recommend putting links directly into your blog posts to have your average visitor click through to other articles. For example, when you are talking about making money online then put links in like I just did on words that people want to click on. You can also find WordPress plugins that do this exact thing.

Keep Content Related to Your Niche

It seems that Google has really taken an emphasis to rank niche blogs. Sometimes you can get the clearest and most effective information right from niche bloggers. For that reason, they are many times ranked in the top 10 for high competition keywords. Niche blogs even rank over some authority websites because they are so targeted.

If you have a niche blog, make sure you keep your articles laser-targeted. Do not start talking about the best brands of dog food on your dog separation anxiety blog until you have actually established the dog separation anxiety niche. Instead, just to provide an example, talk about how dog feeding schedules can help decrease your dogs’ anxiety level. The main point to consider is that you are not jumping around and writing a large random mess of information.

3. Tell Search Engines About your Content

If you have not noticed yet, I have bolded and italicized several words in this blog post. I have also put certain header text up and I have tried to repeat certain phrases. The reason I have done this is that I am Copywriting in this article. I am currently attempting to tell Google that this article is describing what Copywriting is and how it is effective for Search Engine Optimization. I’ve also made my main title basically what the article is about so that it is clear to search engines.

The main thing is to stay on topic and to make sure the information in your blog post reflects that of your article title.

Copywriting for SEO – In Conclusion

If you want your blog to rank then I suggest practicing Copywriting. You need to be able to write articles that will incline visitors to comment, share, and learn more from you. This is how some blogs grow so fast and why some never make it off the ground. The blogs that can grow like crazy have information that users find interesting and that rank in search engines. As more time elapses, the two are only becoming more interconnected. This is why you need to focus on copywriting in your Search Engine Optimization efforts from now on!

Do you agree or disagree with me? Leave me a comment and let me know why else Copywriting is important.

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